New Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

These policies are subject to review and will be updated for the 2021 season once we have further guidance from the UK Government.


East Lyn House is not just a B&B, it is also our home. We hope you understand our reasons for taking extra special care to protect not just you, but our family (including our baby son and elderly parents who live with us.) We would much prefer that we could open all of our rooms with no restrictions or additional procedures but it is just not possible at this time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about any of this information.


This document outlines the additional policies and procedures we have implemented in response to the covid-19 pandemic. These have been written following the guidance given by the UK Government, UK Hospitality and the B&B Association.

Our covid-19 procedures are intended to minimise the risk from this virus to you, other guests and to our family whilst you stay in our home. We will do everything we can to remind you of these instructions and ask that you make every effort to follow them. We reserve the right to ask you to leave our home immediately if you do not, with no refund for the remaining days of your stay.


 Visible symptoms

If at any time before you arrive you display any symptoms of Covid-19 you must call us to cancel your booking, no charges will apply.

1. Read this document throughly and follow any requests made in it.

2. If you develop symptoms whilst staying with us, you MUST inform us immediately. We are unable to allow you to stay in our property to self-isolate, and you will be asked to travel straight home to do so.


Booking and prior to arrival

 Visible symptoms

If at any time you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 you must call us to cancel your booking, no charges will apply.

1. Fewer rooms available

We may reduce the number of rooms booked out at any one time in order to make it easier to maintain social distancing.

2. Rooms will be rotated between guests

We are allowing 72 hours after a guest has checked-out of a room before the next guest can check-in to it. This, we believe, will give us the greatest chance of minimising possible contamination between stays. It also allows us more time to perform enhanced cleaning in each room. This means that we cannot guarantee that you will be in the room you booked – but the alternate room will be one of the same tariff.

Arriving/ Leaving East Lyn House

1. Parking arrangements

If you choose to use our parking, please ensure that you maintain 2m between yourselves and any other guests. If you require assistance with your luggage, please leave it to one side and we will take it up/down for you.

2. Check-in/out procedures altered

If you are checking in/out at the same time as another guest, we may ask you to wait in the car park or breakfast room/terrace until we have finished checking in/out the other guest.

We encourage our guests to pay by card rather than cash, and the card machine will be cleaned between uses and shared with the guest whilst maintaining at least 2m social distancing.

We will also attempt to contact you prior to your arrival to take payment via the telephone rather than in person.

Room keys will be in your bedroom door on arrival and must be left in the bedroom door at check-out. Room keys will be cleaned between each guest.

Common areas

1. Hand sanitiser stations in hallway, top of staircases, entrance to breakfast room

We encourage you to bring your own hand sanitiser and wipes.

We have several hand sanitiser stations in the house. There is one in the entrance hallway, one at the top of each staircase and one at the entrance to the breakfast room. We ask that you use these whenever you pass them and especially when entering the property and before breakfast.

2. Guest lounge closed

The guest lounge will be closed for the remaining part of the season.

Whilst you will still be able to pass through this room to access the breakfast room and terrace, we ask that you do not sit in here.

3. Breakfast Room and terrace for use outside of breakfast times

We appreciate that the reduced number of bar and restaurant tables available for evening meals locally means that guests may be more likely to purchase take-away meals. We are happy for guests to use their designated tables in the breakfast room, or on the terrace, to consume these items.

We ask that guests are considerate of each other, always maintain social distancing of 2m and dispose of all rubbish in the bin provided. No take-away food or picnic items are to be consumed in the bedrooms.


1. Reduced entry into rooms

During your stay, we will not enter your room each day. We ask that you leave windows open where possible to aid with refreshing of air.

2. Enhanced cleaning of rooms between guests

Whilst we always maintain the highest of cleaning standards, we have introduced enhanced cleaning of each room between guests. This is in addition to leaving each room for 72hours once a guest has checked-out. All hard surfaces will be cleaned with anti bacterial/viral wipes. Soft surfaces will be sprayed with disinfectant spray.

3. Removal of some items from bedrooms

Decorative cushions have been removed from the bedrooms. Room information and local leaflets will be either be single use or easy-clean versions.

4. Tea trays, tea cups, water bottles and waste bins

Please replenish your tea and coffee from our supplies on the first floor landing, please reuse your cups and glasses. However, if you would like clean cups and glasses, please bring them down to breakfast with you and we will be happy to provide you with clean. Please leave your full and tied bin bags outside your bedroom.


1. Designated breakfast & terrace tables

Each guest room will be allocated a table in the breakfast room and on the terrace for their sole use for the duration of their stay. This minimises the risk of any cross-contamination between guest tables.

Each table will be cleaned with anti-viral wipes/spray before and after guest use. Due to the reduced number of guests, each table (both inside and out,) will be a minimum of 2m from any other guest table.

2. Pre-ordering of breakfast

In order to minimise contact at the breakfast table in the morning, we are asking that you pre-order your breakfast items. A form will be provided each day which we ask that you leave under your door so it can be collected in the morning.

3. Breakfast Buffet

No breakfast buffet items will be left out. Items from the buffet will be available on the breakfast item pre-order form.

4. Riverside Terrace

In good weather, we encourage guests to take breakfast on the terrace. This makes social distancing even easier and affords you beautiful views of the river.

5. Breakfast service

Breakfast tables will be left empty after cleaning until breakfast service the following day.